Indica Vaporizer Review: Deceptively Hot

Besides an inhaler, ballpoint pen, and a lipstick canister, what else could a vaporizer resemble?

Atmos chose to make a vaporizer similar to a flask. The Firefly could be a cell phone at a glance. The Indica looks just like a Zippo butane cigarette lighter. It’s even about the right size, smaller than an iPod (as shown in a picture on the Indica website) and bigger than a set of car keys.

So often the images you see on websites do not give a true impression of the size of a product, and who gets up to find a measuring tape so as to work out the dimensions noted in descriptions? Thanks to the makers of the Indica Vaporizer, we can truly see that when they say it is portable and discrete, they actually mean even an elf would find it small.

Indica Vaporizer Review

For about $200, customers receive a wireless, rechargeable herbal vaporizer designed for use with only tobacco herbs that have been finely ground first to make it easier to insert them, tamp them lightly into the chamber, and to efficiently heat them. Herbs go into a bottom-corner chamber which holds a little under 1/3 of a gram at one time.

The top part flips up on hinges like a lighter cap to reveal a mouthpiece that is shaped like a cube and an LED indicator light. There are five color/temperature settings: Cyan (light blue) is the lowest, followed by a darker blue, green, purple, and red.

These colors correspond with 171C/340F, 181C/358F, 191C/376F, 201C/394F, and 211C/412F. It takes very little time for your device to heat up to any of these figures which represent an acceptable range.

Battery-Powered Vaporizer

Your lighter is, in fact, a battery. You use a wall charger supplied in the kit to charge the battery without removing it, which will then last for up to a full hour if you are using one of the lower settings continuously. Of course, vape at 412F all the time and that battery charge will only supply about an hour of vaping, or maybe a little more.

The battery appears to be built in as there is no way into the device without unscrewing and taking it apart. A charging port is located at the bottom so you are meant to charge the battery while it remains inside. Built-in batteries make for a straightforward product, but the life of a product is tied to the life of the battery in this case. One can hope these survive 400+ charges or the unit is overshadowed within the year by an advanced Indica vaporizer which will overshadow its predecessor.

Starter Kit for the Indica

Your vaporizer comes supplied with all the essential pieces you require to vape for a day, a week, even a month. A screen is included inside your vaporizer, plus 4 extras for keeping it clean, something you must do regularly if it is to work efficiently and make your $200 investment seem worth the expense.

A brush (supplied) will help you do that. Two picks, 3 mini spacers, an extra chamber door, a wall charger, and a cleaning kit are included inside a lovely wood box. You might consider giving such an ornately presented item to someone for Christmas, even your boss if you know he smokes and has been looking for a change of pace.

Customer Impressions of the Indica Vaporizer

How do consumers feel about this slick piece of hardware? Most of the time, they would recommend it and are very pleased with their purchase. You will often find that items made from anodized aluminum are poorly insulated and become very hot after half an hour of vaping.

The Indica is no exception. One of the most common complaints from otherwise satisfied customers is that they could not hold the unit after a while. It did not burn herbs, yet became so hot as to be uncomfortable and had to be shut off. That is an insulation issue: the designers can address that while they adjust their product for release of a new version.

That little herb chamber is small. Users will be filling it often. They find it simple to use even the first time. Learning takes no time at all, so the Indica would be suitable as an alternative for any smoker in your life currently, even one unaccustomed to vaporizers. The “lighter” theme is an excellent way to get their attention since smokers are familiar with lighters and would appreciate the humor and irony behind this shape.

Heating takes very little time: users like the LED light indicator. Vapor production is good even though the Indica is tiny. It’s not usually hard to clean and the taste is delicious. Most reviews are positive so far.

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