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Davinci’s Ascent Vaporizer has overshadowed its predecessor, not to mention outshining many other personal handheld vaporizers currently available. Its elegance and that practical pivoting herb/wax bowl are excellent selling points.

The wireless, rechargeable format and bright screen are great too, but there was another Davinci before that one. The original is now even better value, too, because the maker has cut their price in the hope of drawing attention back to this design.

Davinci Vaporizer Review: Sturdy and Masculine

If the Ascent is an elegant lady, the Davinci is a lovable but durable lad. Stealthy colors such as gray, green, and black relegate it to shadow, and that is where a lot of vapers want it: discrete and unassuming.

People are sure to notice your Ascent, especially a custom-designed item or one covered in little skulls. A lot of consumers are uncomfortable about people noticing their vaping gear.


For $169.99, you receive a lightweight, compact device subject to your control. The front features + and — buttons for changing temperature.

Values come up on the little screen. It can also be turned on and off for safety. On the Davinci’s face you see several little vent holes: these are to let out hot air and keep your battery cool for longer while special material has been chosen for the exterior finish to prevent users from burning their hands.


Special Features

Other practical features include a little built-in storage container. Put your straw there to keep it clean instead of carrying around another package. Inner parts (like the chamber for essential oils or dry herbs) are made from 304 Stainless Steel and soldering made from something other than lead.

You wouldn’t want to vaporize and inhale that stuff, but a lot of people are heating lead soldering to high temperatures without realizing it and breathing toxic fumes.

The battery lasts 1.4 hours and can be recharged many times. My favorite part of the description is where the makers of Davinci Vaporizers drop tested them from 6 feet. It’s like they know vapers sneak out and sit on the roof at night for a “smoke.”

Starter Kit

The price of $169.99 comes with several items when you buy directly from Davinci or approved distributors.

You get a flex straw, cleaning tools, a wall charger, 3 large replacement screens and 6 small ones, plus two oil cans. That package of accessories also includes a car charger.

More from Davinci

While owning a vaporizer is a great start, buying materials for your vaporizer could pose a different challenge.

Who can you rely on to sell decent aromatherapy products? How can you ensure they are toxin-free and safe?

Davinci is offering a line of aromatherapy products promoting good health. They call it Essential Earth Blends. They are all 100% organic.


A tiny package of material costs $35.95 which sounds like a lot, but remember: these are concentrated materials and you only use very little. Eight blends are Breathe, Flex, Relax, Recall, Soothe, Energy, Endure, and Calm.

More about Davinci

Visit their website for more information about the product and company. For instance, read some reviews by real customers about both the Davinci and Ascent. Whichever one you buy, these reviews provide a picture of whom you are dealing with.

In particular, take note of comments regarding customer service. The site shows you where to register your product for the warranty, provides a temperature guide, and also gives customers the opportunity to become affiliate marketers.

The best sort of person to become an affiliate is one who already possesses an internet platform, like a website or a blog. Using this site, he or she posts advertising and links which take viewers right to the Davinci site.

When they get there and are enthralled, customers buy gear and a percentage of sales will be attributed directly to the affiliate. It’s a win-win arrangement: Davinci gets cheap advertising; vapers make money for doing almost nothing.


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