Crafty Vaporizer

While the Mighty by Storz & Bickel is a little large to act as a discrete portable vaporizer, its little sister is smaller and more convenient to take outdoors. The Crafty Vaporizer measures just 4.3 x 2.2 x 1.3″ and weighs roughly 1/3 of a pound.

Compared with half a pound and a length of 5.5″, the difference is big enough to fit this unit into a big pocket. Despite being less in size, however, Storz & Bickel’s handheld vaporizer still supplies a lot of great features.

Simple, Practical Vaporizing Technology

Consumers often flock to products that resemble accessories almost anyone would carry with them: smart phones and iPods, for instance. The Crafty does not look like any of those.


Colored black with hints of orange, Storz & Bickel sticks with the color scheme that represents the name and signifies quality. If you were looking for an accessory to match a handbag and shoes, this isn’t it. In fact, the Crafty could be termed “masculine.”

Vapor Controls

While the Mighty features up and down buttons, the Crafty operates most accurately using an app. You get this with your device and it connects you to the Crafty via various types of mobile phone.

For instance, it will work with the Motorola Moto G or an iPhone. Select from 104F to 410F with the app or, without the app, press a single button on the Crafty to choose 356F (one press) or 383F (two presses). There aren’t any other buttons.

How to be Crafty

What else makes the Crafty special?

There is a heat exchanger inside that cools vapor before you get a whiff of it. Even though this is much smaller than the Mighty, convection and conduction heating take place beneath its rugged exterior.

Allow a minute to 1 ½ minutes for the Crafty to heat up. When you’re charging, just keep on vaping. It acts as a pass-through device.

Crafty Vaporizer by Storz & Bickel

One of the main reasons people are paying so much attention to the Crafty is that consumers had waited a long time for makers of the Volcano and the Plenty to release wireless devices. When they did, excitement ensued. That excitement is warranted, too, because Storz & Bickel has been known to make items that last.

Their previous vaporizers have set high standards in the industry overall. Consider the Volcano desktop vaporizer.

A lot of consumers use their 4 year-old machines (or older) and they work the same today as they did when they were new. That suggests many Crafty vaporizers will still be around in a few years, working just as well as when they were out of the box.

When you buy the Crafty, it comes with a charging set, filling tool, an herb mill, 3 spare screens, a liquid pad, and cleaning brush. In other words this item is designed to be used with liquids and herbs. It acts as a 2-in-1 vaporizer.

Should I buy a Storz & Bickel Crafty Vaporizer?

Admittedly, about $400 is a high price to pay for portable vaporizing technology, even by Storz & Bickel. A very good device costing $200 to $300 might be the Ascent or Firefly. A Vapir NO2 V2 and Arizer Air are also good products and, like the Mighty, bulkier than the Firefly or Ascent. But they are also much cheaper.

Yet, will the ones you buy today be around in two or more years?

The Crafty probably will. Also, the Crafty is not just a dry herb vaporizer. Remember: you can vape essential oils as well.

It’s your choice: select a quality, German-made design or low-cost vaping equipment. In fact, you might like the design so much you prefer to spend $70 more for the Mighty with its two batteries (more power), big screen, and the vibration alert that tells you the Mighty is hot and ready.

It’s bigger, but button controls are right on the unit, so you don’t need an app to operate Storz & Bickel’s bigger wireless vaporizer.

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