Vaporizers Coupon Codes In 2017

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Generally, vaporizers are any machines which turn a material into vapor. They might be dedicated to spreading a pleasant aroma around a room in order to impart calm, ease allergic symptoms and asthma, or to hide obnoxious odors.

A heater warms materials to the point where water vapor is released but these materials should not burn. In 2016, many consumers now think of herbs or e liquids when they hear the word “vaporizers.”

Volcano Vaporizer DisplayWhat Is a Desktop Vaporizer?

When a unit which heats herbs or concentrated waxy materials has to be mounted on a counter, table, or desk and plugged in, it is referred to as a desktop vaporizer. These products tend to be large and bulky; too heavy to carry around or to transport on a whim.

They are sturdy and have a reputation for reliably heating materials without causing combustion. Some are digitally controlled such as the Easy Vape 5 and the Volcano Digital while the analog Volcano and 7th Floor Da Buddha are operated by turning a dial. These machines cost anywhere from $80 on their own to around $600 with accessories.

Desktop Benefits

Another benefit of the desktop model besides their sturdiness and reliability is that power is not interrupted by a failing battery. As long as grid power is consistent, your vaporizer will operate continuously.

There are some models which even feature multiple tubes so that clients can vape two or more at a time, but even if you just use the balloon method the bigger vaporizers lend themselves to social vaping better than stealthy portable units.

Pax Ploom VaporizersPortable Vaporizers

These are much smaller and usually powered by a rechargeable battery. The battery might be installed already or removable for swapping.

Several high-priced units such as the Mighty and Davinci Ascent feature display screens and their temperatures can be adjusted instead of just vaping and waiting for a light to turn green saying your oven is hot enough to inhale now.

Usually, the best system is a convection heater with a ceramic chamber. This produces even heating around and through herbs while the ceramic material does not taint herbs or waxes.

If vapor can follow an all-glass pathway, as seen with the Ascent, this is also great as some devices feature other materials which impart some of their aroma and flavor into the vapor. Glass does not.

Benefits of a Portable System

Although portable vaporizers sometimes cost more than desktop products, they have the advantage of being wireless and compact. Many people prefer these because they can vape tobacco during lunch break and carry their device around without anyone seeing it. Rechargeable units with removable batteries could go on working for years as new cells replace old ones.

Vapor ZeusPen Vapes

Many vapers get started with pen-style vapes such as the Dube and the Atmos Jewel. These are so named because they are about the right size to be mistaken for a felt-tip pen or Sharpie, even something skinnier like a ballpoint pen or colored pencil.

These cost around $20 to $50 and are not made to last. Better-quality pen vapes contain titanium coils and cost a bit more money, but even these coils are designed to run out in a matter of days or weeks.

You can usually replace the coils, though, so pen vapes for herbs and concentrates are still fairly inexpensive to operate. You won’t enjoy the same high quality of vapor from a Dube by White Rhino or an Atmos RX as you do from a Firefly 2 or PAX II, a pair of the best portable vaporizers consumers can purchase, because the pen format doesn’t leave a lot of room for convection heating. Herbs tend to burn because they come into direct contact with the heating element.

Benefits of Pen Vapes

Prices are low, making them desirable first-time vaporizers for those new to the method. They break easily, but are replaced cheaply.

Also, these models are very stealthy and compact, even more so than portable devices, and easy to use. There are no buttons to press or decisions to make. Pen vapes heat up automatically to a pre-set temperature or perhaps up to three pre-set values.

Points to Consider when Shopping for Vaporizers

When you go shopping for a new vaporizer, here are some thoughts to have in the back of your mind. Check out competing prices, not just for the lowest price but for warranty, parts included, retail authorization from the manufacturer, shipping fees, and extra “gifts” included. Use online sites for research as they often contain a lot of handy information, including how to start the selection process.

For example, visit a website which allows you to search for vaporizers using assorted filters. Choose desktop, portable, or pen mods.

Examine herbal, wax, oil, or e juice pen. Look up brand names and find out what they have to offer if you have received a recommendation from someone to buy items made by Storz & Bickel, Arizer, Vapir, etc.

Select products which fall within a price range. Read consumer reviews about given items so you can find out what clients have said over the years, but remember that some reviews date to a time before the latest model of a vaporizer was released and improvements might address any complaints aired by customers.

These websites also give full descriptions of products such as details about the oven, vapor pathway, charging system, how long the batteries last, and how long they take to charge. They indicate the time required to heat vapor and show you what is inside the kit.

Frequently, videos are also posted examining products up close and showing viewers how easy they are to use. Watch out for extras and unique elements which make a product stand out, but don’t just buy into gimmicks. Take time to decide if a water bubbler or a remote control operating system really makes sense for you.

Always clean your vaporizer. Tools are usually supplied so you can keep the chamber and battery clean. When you take time to maintain your device, it operates more efficiently and takes longer to break down.

Saving Money

Vaping can be a satisfying alternative to smoking. Many people have found that what they save is so much more than money: they save years of their lives to enjoy spending with loved ones. They regain quality of life, not just time, in which case any price is worthwhile.

That being said, there is no point paying more than you should. Over-paying is a great way to motivate vape stores to overcharge. If they know that customers check up on fair pricing, this forces firms to compete by either lowering the costs of products or offering other incentives to shop with them, like complimentary shipping or free gifts.

Save Money Down the Road

Shoppers want so badly to save money that they become competitive about it, but they don’t always look ahead. Just because the product they buy costs 50% less than what their friend purchased doesn’t mean it’s really a “deal.” Vaporizer deals can turn out to be white elephants in more than one way.

There’s the possibility of buying a clone of some excellent device originally created by a reputable company but copied by a less conscientious pretender. It lasts just long enough to no longer qualify for warranty when the battery dies or the switch stops working.

The product might be authentic but the company’s warranty is inadequate or the store doesn’t honor their clients’ complaints about DOA batteries, cracked tanks, and faulty airflow valves. There is much more to the concept of a “deal” than just a low price.

As a general rule, read up on the brands you are looking at and the companies that sell them. Reviews for both are important. Great companies to work with include My Vapor Store, Mount Baker Vapor, Vista Vapors, and Vapor Beast plus many others. Reputable brands include Kanger, Innokin, Kamry, Smok, and JoyeTech. HCigar, Sigelei, Semiyue, and ELeaf are also great choices.

Price Range

Although all the online stores above and many others are competitive and usually fair about pricing, there is a huge range. Research each product you are interested in and then choose at least three great vendors for price comparisons.

When you compare prices, add shipping costs to your equation and also look for the quality of a warranty. Add in any special discounts or rewards. Explore prices for replacement parts like new magnets or switches, replacement coils for atomizers, cotton, sleeves, and adapters.

Although you don’t have to buy everything from one place, it often pays to stick with a vendor. You earn reward points more quickly, gain access to special deals, and there is often free-shipping on orders that are large enough. You might even get free stuff. Mount Baker Vapor, for instance, sends out random 10-ml bottles of e-liquid with each order regardless of size.

Sales Tactics

Note that some e-tail sales catalogues suggest products are on sale when they were over-priced at the beginning. A line through the original price suggests this is the RRP but it’s not. Customers who do not shop around are duped into thinking the price in red, being much smaller than the original, is really great.

Customer Foibles

When you look at the prices for vaporizers, read up on contents. Prices between stores don’t always include the same parts. Many iTaste MVP kits come with iClear clearomizers and many do not. If you are holding up the price of a kit against that of the MVP with just a USB charger, the comparison isn’t equal or helpful to you. Several firms package vaporizer starter kits with e juice, thus adding to the cost but also to the value when you break the overall price down and calculate what each item would cost individually.


All major vaporizer businesses use affiliates to promote their sites. These affiliates post banners and links with coupon codes and promotional offers which can be located on their various WordPress blogs and on e cig forums. Locate these offers for discounts, free shipping, or free gifts. “Limited Time Offers” aren’t usually limited.

Seasonal Sales

At the end of a given period, the old one is replaced by a new offer given a new name to reflect a change of season or an upcoming holiday. Almost every few weeks a different promotion tells you what time of year it is.

Vapers don’t need a calendar: they just look at vaping websites and they know when Halloween or Easter is coming. While these are usually the same deals repeated, don’t dismiss them. There are some great discounts available.

Reward Points

Regular vapers are constantly earning discounts on products by building up points and cashing them in. While reward programs are common, they aren’t all created equally. Investigate this side of a business as well: how long it takes to collect points, what they can be used for, and alternative ways to earn points like writing reviews or referring friends and family who become customers.

Clearance Aisle

Last year’s Vamo or eVic is a great piece of equipment, but the newest one is even better. Older models wind up in the clearance section because they have been superseded, not because they are rubbish.

A number of wonderful deals are listed under “clearance.” Just double check that parts you might need later such as collars, caps, extension tubes, chargers, and any other accessories are still around. If you are buying an atomizer or RTA, check for compatible tubes, coils or heads, screws, O-rings, and other items you might need.